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Fathers Day 2019- What Does DAD want?

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

When I start thinking about Fathers day gifts, I start with thinking about what Dad needs,,,

umm... some shaving cream and new blades, maybe some socks.

This year im going to shake it up and get Dad something he Wants, not something I know he needs.



- Smart Watch

- Wireless / Bluetooth Earphones

- Phone Charging Stations


- Wine

- Premium Whisky

- Home made Hot Sauce Collection

- Fragrances


- Recipe Book

- Biltong

- Chopping Board


- Peak Cap

- Trending Socks

- Longe Shirt

- Gym Gear

- Travel/ Laptop Bag


- Skidpan Driving Course

- Golf Club Voucher

- Concert or Game Tickets


- A romantic Home Cooked Dinner

- IOU Booklet with Massages, Boys Day Out Pass, No Chores Day

- Family Photo

- Re- Organized Garage

*All of the above can be purchased in South Africa*

When I think of mother's day it's quite contrary and all my heart desires is a day in bed without the kids! Its something i have never before admitted, because mothers day is to be shared with the kids playing, eating and gathering together to celebrate how Awesome MoM is!!

When I wake up on mothers day I want the bed to swallow me so that no one can find me or maybe just maybe I can get in to a 5min shower without having naked little bodies join in with me and take up all the water, while superman smudges the nail polish i've finally taken my only spare 2 seconds to apply.

Oh how nice a day off from changing nappies, picking up lego and not having to wash a dish would be.

On father's day i feel like being selfish, I feel like making it my day and saying "Oh here dad, don't forget the kids"

Today is father's day and its about How Amazing dad is, so you have to play with the kids all day.... *evil Gru Laugh*

But then I think about the hours he spends in traffic commuting to work and back, rushing around to meetings and sitting in conference after conference, stressing to meet monthly targets when the months feel like weeks, and I've just asked him to pick up some milk on his way home, knowing very well there is no shop on his route to stop at, but he obliges anyway.

So I don't begrudge him on fathers day, I thank him, by taking the kids out of his hair and letting him man up by the braai with family.

I will play helicopters and pirates for yet another day and one day in the VERY distant, distant, distant future my day will come.


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