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Handling parenting advice with grace

There is nothing more annoying than the overwhelming input of parenting advice from people that have had children generations ago, relatively close or those that haven't even had children at all. Even when not asked,people will give you their two cents worth. Being a new MoM is a very daunting experience of going into the unknown.

It's the simple "nod and smile" and the "agree to disagree!" Granted, some information may be valuable to you and some of it not. It's up to you as a person to decide what information will help you and what won't. Do you remember those manners that your parents took so much time to teach you? This is when you will use them.

So, how do we overcome this information overload? It's simple you fake it!


When the information is coming from your Mother in Law, Aunty Bessie, your bestie or Granny, it's best to grin and bear the conversation.

When your child grows up to be the wonderful person you have moulded them into, you will be the talk at family gatherings for being the best MoM because you took "their advice".

Trust me, rather this than be the rebel that rudely did not accept their "valuable" information -I can guarentee that when your child has a rather warranted tantrum, it will be because you didn't take "their advice".


Do not prompt the parenting advice conversation if you do not want to get into a full Saturday breakfast with the "advice givers" being all about "what you should do and how you should do it". Rather play it cool and confident and everyone will believe that you are confident and hopefully steer clear of the repeated advice.

Remember that every child is different and not everyone's magic tricks work on all children. That was their magic trick that they created to work for their child and you too will find your own.


When it comes to medical advice and self diagnosis, never take a chance. When it's a medicine that is holistic, the attempt at it can be more flexible but do not play around with medical diagnoses. You can rather consult a Pediatrician or a GP.

Should you have someone who studied a doctorate in Neurological Science and can guide you to the correct professional take that opportunity, however,do not take chances and do not wait!

Remember as a new or first time mother you are going to be given advice whether you are looking for it or not. It's not that everyone is trying to scare and bully you into a corner of information.

Believe it or not they actually care for you and they have taken their time and experience to assist you where they feel you might need it. The least you can do is sit and listen to the advice, it will soon be home time and you can go and purge all the unwanted information in a nice hot bath. Just remember that It comes from a place of love and care.

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