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Morning Routine Madness!

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Routines are quite a touchy subject because most MoM's like to think they have a routine and one that works! When my mother in law comments on my children's routine its like a scene from "The movie 300" and oh boy "I AM SPARTA"! Where are you while I implement my routine every day, where are you when one of the kids throw my routine out because of a fever or the need to grab a plaster to make their non existent week old scab better (cause that shit happens, these old wounds get discovered and its time to call the ambulance) hey?hey? "are you there to see how well I manage it!"... Grrrrrr

Hahaha this is my response 99% of the time when routines get questioned, and i think most MoM's responses too, I can actually visualize myself jumping across the sofas with a spear in hand and charging!

got me thinking, DO WE HAVE ROUTINES WAXED? or do we have a plan that works for us. Why does it have to be labelled a routine? the fact is I am a mom and I'm doing what needs to be done for the well being of my children and MYSELF.

In fact I'm such a damn good mom I can even manage a curve ball and still get done what needs to be done, i'm like an American foot ball player, tossing the ball around and still managing to score at the end of the game.

Morning Routines are pretty much like most grooming sessions, every base point needs to be prepped, scrubbed or soaked in order for the end result to be perfect.


- Layout the next mornings clothes the night before, include socks shoes and jerseys. If you leave 1 item out you will still be running around in the morning to find it, so get it done properly the first time. (check the weather forecast so you know what clothes to get ready according to the weather)

- Make lunch boxes the night before, I used to be the MoM that would only produce fresh made sandwiches for my children on the morning of, and if I woke up late from and unplanned unruly night, TRUST me, sandwiches are the last thing you wanted to be thinking about. I used to leave my uneaten sandwiches hidden in my school bag for days, so my mother wouldn't know i never ate my lunch at school, so trust me MoM's that sandwich will still be beautiful by lunch time tomorrow if you cover it in some cling wrap.

- Pack and check school bags the night before! Check the spare change of clothes, hats books, sunblock whatever it is, check it all.

- Keep tooth brushes and hair brushes in close proximity, I keep them in a container so i can run with them to which ever room I can find the children in, brush and get it done. Having a set routine to get them to come to the sink on demand in the mornings would be FANTASTIC..... but shit's real and it doesn't happen with 3 rowdy boys, so I do what works for MY sanity.

- Breakfast options are not an option, I have spent many mornings negotiating, debating and singing songs to get the children to choose a breakfast without taking more than 20 mins, so now there is no option! As I prep breakfast I make it a fun and happy time so they get excited to get ready for their breakfast.

- Clean the house the night before. After a long day, the dinner bath and bed battles this is the last thing you feel like doing, but the rewards outweigh the morning chaos. Its easier to move around the kitchen and operate like a machine with a clean surface and without tripping on piles of lego.

- Wake up first, get ready before the house hold wakes up, I wake up an hour before the kids start to surface and get all my stuff out the way so that when the family does wake up, I'm ready and I can focus on the current goal of getting everyone out the door timelessly, fed and clean. Don't get me wrong, I am making this sound easier than it really is, after overdosing on MoM TV time and realising its already 12:55am getting up early is a battle and can look like a scene from "Monster, with Charlize Theron", but I have to suck it up.

Do not beat your self up when mornings don't go as planned, work around it and accept it for what it is otherwise you will land your self up in a worse state, if you're 5 minutes late for school or work, it is what is is and all you can do i apologise, move on and try improve, tomorrow can always be better. Remember we are just being MoM.

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