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Updated: Jul 23, 2019

I was recently corrected by a parent mentor on the generation of our children not being the millennial generation but now known as the ALPHA generation. I had never heard of the term ALPHA generation before i started researching this and I saw why our children are so different in their thoughts, emotions and social being.

ALPHA GENERATION (Born from the year 2010-2025)

We should not see it as: our children wont listen to us and that discipline has become a thing of the past, as parents lets rather educate ourselves on what this means.


We can only but expect it to be the generation of technology, this generation was born with an Ipad as a baby sitter and could navigate their way around a touch screen device from as early as 18 months old.

They were born into an age of hi speed internet fiber and an age where dial up internet is as old as the round dial landline telephone.

It's the generation that cannot hear you calling them for dinner over the kids you tube cartoon or game they have learned to download from the google play store.

A 5G connection speed will be stone age and a smart phone device will not be able to do enough to keep them entertained.

They will lean to code from as young as 6 years old and most probably come to design their own apps by the age of 10.

This is not the age of being strong willed, its the age of being powerful, powerful in their needs, wants, demands and desires. They cannot understand why they can not have what they want, they have everything else at their finger tips, why can they not have a cake for dinner?



They have the ability to learn everything they want to know by asking Suri, Google or Alexa and are going to want to learn all they can. A far more educated generation due to the ease of obtaining free knowledge, a masters program will be the norm in education and they will want to be specialists in their field.

Online study will be come more popular as they can create their own study structure and they can learn at a speed they feel comfortable with, without the pressure from lecturers and peers.

The Alpha generation is more geared to become entrepreneurs, because of their early access to unlimited and free information they are more geared to face challenges and to be self - sufficient and will probably learn more about the world around them than we know.


Marketing companies are going to be challenged with pleasing this generation, they want exceptional service and they want it fast, a shipment from the USA will now be delivered in two days rather than 4-6 weeks. The generation that will speak up on social media when a product or service has not met their needs.

Their need to have better services and products will drive the marketing industry into more opportunities

They will demand fresh produce and wholesome foods, fitness and general health, with the improvement of advanced medication, they will live longer lives extending retirement age by at least 8 years if not more.


Being stuck behind a technology device will stump the growth of social communication with peers, but they will still communicate via social platforms.

The concentration span will decrease as they are accustomed to scrolling on the touch screen device when something does not catch their attention, or in the drive to read more information from different sources.

This isn't all doom and gloom though as the rise for the problem solvers becomes and ease with the ALPHA Generation, they can solve problems from different angels as easy as it was to flip though a touch screen.


The ALPHA generation will be mostly online consumers seeking the best structured websites to obtain what they want, they want to feel a relationship with the supplier and want their service to be exceptional.

They will spend more on themselves but be frugal when its something they can get for free online.

They will start families later on, in the pursuit to create and education and future for themselves.

They will have difficulty forming human bonds as they were born into a world where AI (artificial intelligence) is as common as sitting down to eat lunch or breathing.

There will be an obvious divide between the rich and the poor.


I was always of the belief that my children's generation would be the generation that would save the planet and create multiple jobs, education and housing for the over populated or even make living on Mars a reality, until i started to research exactly what an ALPHA GENERATION is, i was so saddened to this generation as it was not what i wanted for my children, I wanted a free play and organic life but it seems to be the opposite.

I still have hope that the technology generation will achieve amazing outcomes and find the breakthrough medicines. No articles and research can complete the observation as the oldest ALPHA generation is only 9 years of age in 2019.

As a parent we need to encourage them on the facts of what is to come in their future, but it is or responsibility to limit the addictiveness of technology, we all know how easy it is to sit on our devises for hours, and its the same for our children.

Lets teach them the skills they need going forward in the ALPHA generation, Lets teach them to master entrepreneur skills, the value of money and service levels, lets help them be independent in making their own choices and decisions so that they can take on the ALPHA generation with confidence.

All information and resources come form the book of Google, re-written and interpreted by me x

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