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From a MoM who has done it 3 times! Hear my potty training truth...

I remember very clearly when my first son had to start potty training, it was such a stress build up in my life and I was determined to get it done early and quickly! Oh boy was I mistaken.

I would have 5 changes of pants with me at any given time, nappies on reserve and plastic bags to put the wet miss-haps in, I was charged and ready, but he wasn't..

I had made stickers for his back to wear at school that said "I'm potty training, please ask me if I need the loo". Poor thing would wear this sticker to school and out and about. I thought it was so cute and clever, but it was pointless, we had been in it for over a month and there was still no change.

Winter was approaching and I had to hurry up the process or delay till summer, the school and I decided to delay till summer, what a relief that was because I was running out of Ideas and money on all the bribery.

Summer came and we were on the road again to getting him out of nappies for the second time, this time it seemed a little easier but I was freaking out because he was soon approaching age 3, and society does not want to see a 3 year old in a nappy, MoM's have a great habit of looking down on you if your child is still in nappies.

He woke up one morning and the nappies were gone!!!

"If they are not ready, they are not ready! no amount of encouragement or bribery will help."


It definetly it helped having two older brothers, he had more exposure to weeing in the toilet and the 3 of them would run to the garden and see who could wee the furthest. I had my third baby potty trained by 19 months old without a potty.


Being a new MoM, means having all the new gadgets when it comes to potty training, its endless googling for the newest and most amazing potty training tools and advice.

Do not waste your time and money on buying fancy potty's and lights to get them potty trained. These are my tools:

- Show your toddler how to stand on their tippy toes, once they have lifted the seat (you will need to help so it doesn't fall down on them) they can just reach the top of the toilet bowl.

- Place your toddler on the standard toilet seat for a poop they will hold on to the sides and balance, hold them steady in the beginning until they start building their strength and balance.

- Show them which seat they need to lift for a number 1 and a number 2, keep helping them to ensure it doesn't come down on them, I can just image the set back you will have if a massive toilet seat came crashing down on their crown jewels.


- Weeing outside all the time, when and if you can DO IT

- Keep asking them! they are still learning and will not come and ask you, if you leave it you will only be notified after the fact.

- If they mess its ok! the feeling of being wet and uncomfortable is part of the learning process.

- Make it fun, let them aim on a rock or a leaf and make it a big deal, big hi fives, make a fuss

- Encourage DaD to take them to the loo when he goes, monkey see monkey do.

- When you are travelling long distance its better to put them into a nappy, a wet car seat will take a long time to dry, it is not worth the hassle. If you are traveling a short distance to the shops or to school, its pretty easy to quickly pull over and let them wee on the pavement, just make sure to stop in a safe place off the road.

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