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Updated: Jul 3, 2019

No really are you kidding me, how can there be another school holiday?

I'm going to open this post and invite commenting so we can get all parents input and then I'll review a solution that could help us, even I am lost on this one.

What do parents do during school holidays?

Whether your children are in a private or government school this has to be the trickiest and most expensive time for all parents! A one month holiday? how the hell? as if parenting isn't trying enough.

I get that the kids need a break and time to rest but for those of us with little children that don't know how to watch 10 episodes of their favourite series and find sleeping all day fun, what do we do? Grandparents have retired to a remote island or are still working themselves and be honest, who wants to baby sit 3 kids!

So lets look at a few scenarios:

KEEP THE KIDS HOME- Considered this?

You keep the children at home with the house keeper, they are running amuck all day, messing every inch of the house she has just cleaned, you get home and they are on a total destruction high and the housekeeper wants to hit you with the broom as you walk in the door.

Heres another thing,,, are they safe? South Africa is rife with violent behavior when it comes into break ins, as much as I don't want to scare you, I want to face reality too. Are our house keepers trained in a could be situation? What about when we leave the teenagers at home "because they are big enough" to look after themselves. Is this something we even consider, or is it a "it wont happen to me scenario". Fact is were on our own here, I don't see the country's poverty decreasing anytime soon or our general system beefing up to protect us, which will keep leading to these unthinkable situations.

So the kids get free and semi supervised play, the house is their oyster and by day 7 they are asking when they are going back to school to see their friends. Not really ideal but we have no other option and are doing the best we can.


Holiday school is a great idea, when they are small and don't understand the concept of a school holiday you can get away with this, they are in a safe loving environment being fed and watched over, until the questions eventually come about why they are the only 12 kids at school, where are the others?

If I think about school holiday I feel sad for the kids, day in and day out they are in the same environment seeing the same faces and really don't get a break, they don't get to sleep in late or relax in their own space and zone out from their school environment.

Some holiday schools are included in the more expensive school fee package but some are not and it costs you extra, over and above the school fees you are still paying.


There are good schools that are still open during school holidays that your children can go to even if they don't attend that school, its a nice way of making new friends and again ensuring they are safe and eating and thats all we can ask for as a parent. The only catch here is that most of them are till 1pm only and if they haven't come highly recommended I would do some research and go meet the teacher and and get to know them first. I'm by no means a Poop brook MoM, but when it comes to the safety of my kids I need peace of mind.

And.... its gonna cost you, over and above the school fees you are paying for a closed school, your still going to have to fork out for holiday school.

GRANNY- Knows best

Oh the dreaded grandparents, I'm not sure if its just me, but grandparents don't seem to be what they used to. Grandparents used to stay at home and watch the kids, take them for a full school holiday and on weekends with open arms, you'd have to keep phoning to make sure they are still alive because they would be having so much fun! Pulling a baby sitting day out of Grandparents now is like the DA being voted into presidency,,,,, it's a possibility,,, but you know its not gonna be easy. I've put it down to the fact that I have 3 kids and it's like rounding up the military recruits and requires immense energy.

If you have the luxury of leaving your children with Granny during school holidays, run up to your mom, squeeze the life out of her and tell her how much you love her! there are LOTS of parents out there without a Granny support system and all for varying reasons.

VACATION- off to see the sea the wonderful sea

Now we are talking rainbows and butterflies, if you have the privilege of getting away with the family for the holidays, i'm sulking and your on your own..... *giggle*

STAY AT HOME MOMS- Clock watching

I laugh at this phrase "stay at home MoM", we all see that skinny MoM strolling into school in her Freddie leggings, newly highlighted hair swaying in the wind as she prances to school! ERRRR..... wrong, let me correct this very quickly for the stay at home MoMs, life is no oil painting! Those woman were blessed with good genetics and damn well deserve the new highlights! I recently had the opportunity to spend a month long school holiday with my kids and let me tell you it was not pretty! I ran out of things to do with them, i could get nothing done and man, did bed time seem a million miles away. While I enjoyed not having to wake up at the first crow of the cock, I'd take it back and be sitting reviewing figures in an office any day. That was the most trying time I've ever experienced.

The biggest worry for MoMs here was running out of things to do and places to go, we had play dates and went exploring but I was broke as hell after the first week and starting to feel very sorry for myself.

During school holidays I want somewhere my kids can go and be kids, where they can climb trees, make mud huts and most of all memories, I want to be able to send them somewhere that I know thy are safe and *singing* heaven forbid not being ill, fully disciplined or abused (reality check again). Somewhere with the craziest dress up and house play section you have every seen. A place to enjoy the holidays and do what children were made to be doing.

One day when I'm rich I will for fill this for all the MoMs out there xx

So MoMs lets open up this chat and get your input, ideas and reviews on places and ideas you have an try make other MoMs such as my self, see that its not all that bad.


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