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"Come off the pill one year before you want to conceive they said", "your body needs the time to adjust they said"....

Well let me tell you, this rule does not apply to all, look at me one month later and I was peeing on a pregnancy stick with a positive result. We thought we had a one year plan, now I guess it's a now a nine month plan, OH MY!!!!

Speed up nine months after baby one was born, and the same thing repeated again in my life, you will probably only conceive a year after your first baby "they said", your hormones need time to heal "they said", you can not fall pregnant while breast feeding, again "they said".

One month later I was peeing on a pregnancy stick with a positive result..... oh shoot,, what happened to my planed ages gaps.

In nine months time baby two will be arriving, giving us an 18 month gap. My mind started spinning with all the things I had not yet achieved with baby number one, and now we would be welcoming his brother into the world very soon.

Our first baby was just mastering the art of crawling, let alone walking.


You need to clear your head for the beginning stages and focus on the kids to avoid getting yourself into a rut. If beforehand you decide that your priorities can come when they are sleeping and while you have them it's their time, then this will be a lot less of a stressful time.

The baby stages are pretty easy to cope with, as you have a sleeping baby for most of the day and still get time to spend with your first born while you slowly adjust into this new role.

The hardest part I remember was trying to meet both babies demands at the same time, without feeling like I was neglecting one of them.

When my eldest wanted to be carried and I was already carrying the baby, I suckered myself into carrying both of them! Thank you mommy hips!!

I believe that what makes it a difficult age gap is the energy absorbed from you as a mom. They are still babies and want MoMMy, as one is learning to crawl and the other is now running, so you find yourself knackered by the end of the day.

I can imagine that having twins could even be easier than this age gap, as they are both reaching their milestones at the same time.


Believe it or not, as they start reaching toddler age this is where all the fun begins. Watching your children play with each other and interact touches every parents heart. It's rewarding and makes the last year worth all of that energy spent.

They are now also at the age where both play toys are appropriate for each other, they are verging on eating the same meals and can communicate a lot easier with each other.

Play time outside brings a few minutes rest for MoM while you observe them instead of running to prop baby up like previously.

The second baby seems to lean from the eldest and learns pretty quickly. Nappies become a night time necessity a lot quicker, as they learn potty training from their sibling. Learning songs and colours come easier from them as they participate in your toddlers songs and book reading.


This age gap is great for handing down baby clothes and toys and not having to double up, you can move your toddler to a bed and use the cot for baby, there is no need for buying 2 cots.


- Bumbo seat or swing chair

- High chair

- Side by side Twin stroller

- Bath recliners

- Own set of Bottles and pacifiers

- Own car seat

- Baby carry sling or wrap


I often wonder while watching these two grow up as a power team, if they know each other better than I know them?. As long as their bond and love for each other is strong, then I have my ultimate goal.

Granted they have their moments when they are at each other bickering and fighting, but thats par for the course. When possible DaD and I like to try split them up for an afternoon and take one to the car wash and one to the shops to give each other a break from the other.

Schooling is a real treat as they have always managed to be in the same school and we haven't had to do two school drop offs, this is also an advantage with school sports, they are either participating in the same team sport or in back to back activities.

Don't stress the small gap, you will soon find the value in it and be ever grateful, it's so rewarding when you see them working together as a team, sharing toys and even friends.

As daunting as the beginning stages might be, I love the saying "this too shall pass" and before you even know it, it will!!

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